NH Exam Prep: Prepare to succeed!

Are you getting ready for a Microsoft Certification exam? CompTIA certification test?  Cisco or PMP? 

Then you already know that having the requisite content knowledge is ONLY one part of the complete picture. You also need practical, hands-on technology skills and strong test-taking strategies.

Tutorial and Practice Exam.

New Horizons Exam prep sessions use a set of practice questions that cover multiple topics and will give you a good idea what kind of questions will appear on the test. These practice questions are available for all CompTIA & Microsoft IT certification exams.

New Horizons Exam preparation sessions will get you well prepared to pass your test , & guess what, the retake is on us!.....Yes we guarantee you a second exam voucher and a second test preparation session in case you fail in your first attempt. 

What's Included?

  • Practice Questions
  • Retake

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