Abroad Program Training from New Horizons Abu Dhabi


New Horizons Abroad Program

Abroad program: Wonderful Opportunity for you to study abroad at your desired destination! Abroad Programs are made to cater the needs of our U.A.E local community. Now with the help of Abroad Programs, you can get the training at your dreamed destination.

Why New Horizons' Abroad Program?

  • Study at your Favorite Destination
  • Authorized Trainers
  • Latest Certifications Available


Programs are available with a minimum duration of 5 days & a maximum of 20 days

Programs covered:

  • Microsoft Office Application
  • Business Skills like communication, leadership, email etiquette and many more titles
  • Microsoft System and CompTIA trainings for administrators and developers
  • Management and Service Governance trainings to improve and create consolidated organization infrastructure.
  • On demand courses for SAP, IBM, VMWare, Veeam, EMC and for many more renowned vendors.

Destinations Covered?

  • Europe
  • Canada & USA
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Caribbean
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

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